How Do I Hide Chats on Whatsapp - Temporarily Hide Your Chats

A lot of people like the private life but frankly speaking,  you can't absolutely hide your chats (at least right now) on Whatsapp because it only archives your chat temporarily. Read on, if you think it's worth trying.

So, if you've any active chat which you wish to keep out of ordinary sight for a while, probably for business or confidential reasons or you're afraid a third party could see your confidential chats, you can can hide it there and then.

How Do I hide Chats on Whatsapp?

1. To archive your chat, simply press and hold on the chat you wish to hide.

2. Select the "drop-down" sign (which looks like "download" icon) at the top of your screen.

You've successfully archived your chat but temporarily. It's temporary in the sense that it unarchives as soon as the chat sends you a message. So, it only only serves privacy of the moment as earlier implied.

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