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3 Comments "Law graduate denied being called to the Nigerian bar-She refused to take off her Hijab! "

  1. Islam is a way of life, she did not put on the hijab for fashion sake, she put it on in tandem with the doctrine of her religion, then any law or school of Law in a sovereign state that does not recognise human right, or is inconsistent with the provisions of human right, on freedom of association and religious affiliations, is null and void to the extent of that inconsistent, Am not a law student and am not a Muslim am just trying to make common sense

  2. Yes, you're just being justified irrespective of your religion differences, to my surprise, I did not see the essence of the so called "Freedom of religious affiliations" in the so called Nigerian constitutions which seems not to constitute any justification or may be we're slept off.

  3. Criminals are, as a matter of fact, creation of the civilized world. In an uncivilized world, there would be no law, so there can be no violation of law and hence, no criminal. immigrationway